We can’t do this work without funding. 
We have completed much of the work to get to this point with grant funding from our universities, but we have much left to do.  Here is what we need to keep moving forward:

Step 1:

Make CoA-Z and get it ready for testing in people with PKAN

$350,000 to make the first large batch of CoA-Z (includes testing the method for making the compound large-scale, manufacturing it to the high standards required for use in humans, and putting it into a form patients can take)

$70,000 to perfect the biomarker blood test (includes developing efficient methods for testing and interpreting the results in a large number of patients)

Step 2:

Test CoA-Z in people with PKAN

Even a small clinical trial typically costs $6-22 million! Our novel approach, in which people do all assessments close to their homes, will reduce the cost substantially, but we will still need to raise approximately nearly $2M to do a clinical trial of CoA-Z.

We are determined to make CoA-Z available to everyone at the lowest cost possible, and to this end have formed sister non-profit foundations in the Netherlands and US to further develop CoA-Z.  Together, we have already raised more than $350,000. We need your help to raise further funds to reach our goal. Donations are tax-deductible and are being accepted via PayPalDonate or by check made payable to:

Spoonbill Foundation

c/o Immix Law Group

600 NW Naito Parkway, Suite G

Portland, OR 97209